Friday, March 30, 2012


While attempting a watercolor rendering of tiny bird's eggs nestled in their cosy little nest, and listening to a CD of classical guitar music I got to thinking about friends, the gifts I am surrounded by daily that have been given to me over the years.  Since I was unable to attend the night of the musicale, Paul thoughtfully presented me with a recording for me to enjoy anytime, anywhere.  On my table was a small black paintbrush rest I was using that Juanita had given me years ago.  There are paintings by friends surrounding me in my studio & books  I treasure.  The last time we worked together at the gallery, Helen gave me a St. Patricks day card and a Pot O' Gold to go with it!  Coins she had from a trip to Ireland.

I thought about the wonderful evening I had with two friends just last night - going to an art opening and topping it off with a delightful dinner at the  Sweet Basil restaurant.  A new world of authors that Bonnie has introduced me to, gently pushing me to use my brain more, mentoring me in so many ways, guiding me thru new uses on my computer.  Tillie and the special cards she sends - one in the mail today!

I thought about what a friend my daughter in law, Shula, is.  We enjoy the symphony together, lunches, whatever.  She gave me two travel books about Ireland and a journal to record the journey!  She's my #2 daughter.  Number 1 daughter is  an exceptional daughter, as  well as a very special friend.  She is supportive in so many ways, always helping me out with computer problems over the phone and when we're together - shopping excursions are a blast!  A closeness that is not always shared by mothers and daughters.   I treasure both daughters more than I can ever convey to them.  I have also discovered a closer friendship with my two remaining sisters.

My friend who is undergoing more cancer treatment - back in the hospital for stem cell transplants. My neighbor who has had a terrible year with multiple surgeries.  She enjoys my visits and hates it when I can't stay for a long time.  She is a talker so she's in need of an occasional ear.    I feel blessed to have so many friends, some dearer and closer than others, and to be in such good health these days.

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