Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Strange but true, in a couple of hours I shall be going to the dentist on a day that has my head in a turmoil. I realized on leaving the dentist's office a couple of weeks ago what this day meant to me but figured, what the hell,  just another day.

 Dates, April 18th to be specific, seems to be the reason the last few days have had me in a funk.  A few years ago I spent this day with my husband, who was in ICU after major emergency surgery the night before, celebrating our 60th anniversary.  Perhaps, acknowledging it would have been a more appropriate phrase.   All he wanted to do was climb out of that hospital bed and go home.  In fact, for the next two wild and wooly weeks he spent all his waking moments trying to do that very thing.

This year he is gone and it would have been our 65th.  The last one we celebrated together was our 63rd.  He has been gone one year and six months as of yesterday, which had been my sister Betty's birthday.

In thinking back, it was not very thoughtful of me to pick the day after her birthday to get married, particularly since she was doing all the planning for it!  Dates are innocuous things in themselves but the memories they invoke can be either glorious or devastating.  Tomorrow will be better!

I peeked in the grill yesterday figuring the wren's eggs would have been cooked by the early heat wave or chilled by last week's cold spell.  I was totally surprised to see a couple of baby birds!!  The best I could tell there were only two, because the nest was built rather tunnel like so I quickly closed the lid.  I have yet to see any mama or papa birds going to or from the grill!!  Tis amazing, the whole set up!!

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