Monday, March 26, 2012

Portraits and Tiles

These are my latest tiles of Koi and Waterlilies mounted into basswood.
This is a watercolor of Addy and her mother Tara.   The oil is of Addy peeking
out of a hammock.

Here are four photos of something I have never experienced before.

Yesterday I saw pine straw thru the glass in the gas grill.  I was totally amazed on opening the lid, to see that a bird had built a nest inside.  There are five speckled eggs in the nest but  I have yet to see a bird flying anywhere near the grill.  I have a feeling it is a wren's nest and wonder if it didn't get too hot inside when temperatures got into the 80's.  Wrens can build in some strange places.  One year a duck decoy hanging in the garage tempted a wren to set up housekeeping inside even though we had cats who would have loved to dine on her.

I have just taken a couple of close ups of the eggs to add to the previous ones.

This is a watercolor rendition I did of the eggs. 

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