Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tune up for the old body

This week has been devoted - finally - to seeing doctors and dentists to get rid of annoying things like popping in my ear, frequent nose bleeds, etc.  You can only live with things like that for so long before you succumb to making appointments.  I'd say a year is about it.

The ear is fixed - it still has ringing and cricket sounds - as does the other one but after 20 years of that you're resigned to it.  Putting your ears thru the "car" wash is not at all pleasant!  But I can hear better.

I knew going in for a tooth cleaning I had trouble with a new bridge  - one that was built last year, the cost of which rivaled the national debt.  It was loose - came right  off in my dentist's fingers.  It is glued back in place, for now, while he figures out how to anchor it better to what's left of  one tooth.

Had a long session with, Tim,  the cranio-sacral massage therapist who works on my back and neck.  He indicated I could do some things to help myself instead of depending on him to always be getting the kinks out,  so I followed thru with his suggestion to go to a yoga instructor.  That's where the tune up comes in.

I used to treat my body to Tai Chi exercises regularly 10 to 12 years ago but when the instructor moved to California I gradually got out of the habit.  Amazing how out of tune your body gets in just that short a time!!  I haven't been doing that much walking lately either.  My tune up is getting off to a fairly gentle start due to my procrastinating mental termites.  She didn't want to undo what Tim had just done!  I think I like Qi Gung exercises better.  Those are the stretching exercises that lead up to Tai Chi.

I want to out do, out walk my athletic niece and nephew when we go traipsing thru Ireland. That may be hard to do since they are 20 years younger and tremendous bike riders but I shall try.  They rode all over Chattanooga when they were here and haven't stopped raving about our wonderful bike trails since.  I think our town is a wonderful place to live.

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