Friday, March 23, 2012


I know why I am back at the computer!  I'm avoiding getting back to painting.  I don't know what I want to paint and my brain won't shut down long enuf to get into a painting mode.

I got to thinking about memory.  What would it be like to have a photographic memory?  Some people do!!  What would it be like to start telling someone about the wonderful thing you just read - yesterday or even this morning?  Possibly an hour ago?  I have friends who can do that with no energy expended at all!  No sweat!  click, click,click they spout it out!

I knock on my memory's door,  knowing full well that something I saw, read or heard, is there behind that door, maybe in the corner in the dark, but it is there.  If I could see the door, I am sure there is an "OUT TO LUNCH" sign on it!!   Frustration personified.  When I was conceived, was there a dearth of genes marked memory?  Tis not totally a thing of age because I have always been deficient to some degree in that department.

I recall parties - middle school age, probably- where a tray loaded with twenty or thirty small things were passed before your eyes for 30 seconds of perusal and you were supposed to write down everything you could remember.  I flunked big time.  I happened to have been an A student, not my memory though.  It got a D- !  Remember Ancient History class and all those dates to remember?  Pure Torture.

OK, I have vented.  Back to painting.

annotation: March 24, 2012
I just discovered what my problem is.   I have  a mental termite.!!!
Nell Mohney proclaimed in her column today that procrastination is a mental termite!  If I had bats in my belfry would they take care of that?

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