Friday, March 23, 2012


Sunday morning the cat was acting as though something was in the garage.  There was, but it wasn't 4 legged and it wasn't on the floor.  Evidently a mocking bird had flown in and couldn't find its way out!  Since I am seldom on time,  and having gotten up earlier than usual, I was trying my darndest to do better.   I was downright irritated when the silly bird continued to fly back and forth, back and forth.   The cat, frightening the poor thing even more by reaching its level, was very intent on showing the bird how to get down.

Even after opening the side door and turning on the outside lights - all this had started before the new daylight savings time sun had risen -- the stupid bird wouldn't co operate!  In fact, it got up in the roof vent and now it was flopping around above the fan blades.  I thought,  I can't go to church and leave the poor thing to starve to death up there!  Had no idea how to rescue it!

 All this time I was back and forth from trying to get dressed, etc.,  getting the cat in, checking the time,  to coaxing the bird out, all to no avail.  It finally came to me that if I moved the car out of the garage, surely the bird would see freedom below the garage door instead of above.  It did and he did!  Leave, that is.